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There is still a great deal to do.

This child, this woman, and this man belong to our universe: they are nearby and so faraway at the same time. We see them in our TV screens, as the devastating consequences of deadly conflicts and poverty strike our souls. Words are meaningless if they are not translated into deeds, if measures to guarantee education, health, access to water and shelter are not implemented to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable.

The projects we have in mind are based on a concept of cooperation and development aid that allows room for cultural exchange, income-generating activities and access to economic networks based on fair trade and respect for the environment. Our vision entails three basic principles : ethics, good governance and good practice based on the full respect of human rights.

We encourage you to become part of a programme based on dialogue with those people and communities who encourage regional initiatives and specifically tailored projects that can make a difference for the most vulnerable. Let us act in order for these projects to become sustainable in the long term and to become self-managed by local communities.

Become part of a sustainable project and take part in this universal exchange where the isolation of the poorest will become hope for a better living.

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Pictures are issued by author and projects participants during humanitarian missions.
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