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Integrated development programmes...
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Pilot Projects & Integrated Development Programmes

Our projects respond to a global need : providing economic and social support to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Our projects can be easily replicated in other geographic areas and have an objective of self-sustainability after 5 years. Each project consists of attention to the following :

  • Humanitarian needs
  • Co-development action
  • Bilateral & Multilateral cooperation
  • Sustainable development
  • Fair Trade

Project Objectives

  • Individual or community-based development projects
  • Income-Generating Activities
  • Developing viable economic opportunities

Action plan

  • Mobilising the resources
    • Human and Financial

  • Skills Assessment of each participant of the social programme
    • Administration
    • Management and project planning
    • Implementation and follow up

  • Project follow up – KPIs & OVIs

Project steps

Support Programme

1. Selection of a person or a group

2. Skill set of the individual or group

3. Search for a local partner

Humanitarian Development Programme

4. Study of Local Resources

5. Financial Project Proposal

6. Implementation and Follow up

Multi-sector focus

Pictures are issued by author and projects participants during humanitarian missions.
All authors being not identified, thank you for informing if selected picture should be retrieved from publishing.
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